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Available now. Comes with free tee + sticker pack

There’s a reason the short-john is the summer suit of choice for tribal elders. Unrestricted shoulder regions have been proven crucial for battling ECL’s on rocketed-out wafers. Ask any ptryigium-eyed tribal-ink cyclone season veteran and they’ll tell you, when they’re pushing excessive nose rocker through turgid brown ocean, sleeveless is the way to go. The other key advantage of the tube suit is how modular it is. It can be paired with a zinc-stained long sleeve rashie for added UV protection, Wettie top for additional insulation or cloved-toe reef booties for live coral heads or those with the ultimate kink for core aesthetics. Made in back-zip only with tribalish string graphics to deter the upper middle class mid-length enthusiasts. Available in 1.25L sunkist orange or LA-Ice black.

  • 2mm
  • 100% SuperStretch Limestone based neoprene
  • GBS construction
  • BackZip & SurfCore trampstamp authenticity