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Available now. Comes with free tee + sticker pack

Leave no shorey un-belted this summer with a northerly ice-bath proof spring suit. Ripping billies and having a whinge at home while ya mates tag knee-high wind swell is done. Kettle opportunities will be limited to before-school and after dinner with the amount of surfing you’ll be doing in this suit. Tell 18*C water temps to get fuckt with this longsleeve back-zip springy, adorned with purple flames and core-era appropriate tramp stamp. Made in period-correct back zip with nu-metal spec tribal detail and GBS construction to prevent it getting into the hands of WSL fanatics. Untested but we hope the print fades and cracks. That’s core.

100% SuperStretch Limestone based neoprene
GBS construction, solvent free glue
SurfCore trampstamp & Z barbed flameprint for max authenticity